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V037 Floral Symphony

V037 Floral Symphony

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Vdara10 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder - Floral Symphony

Code: V037

Product Description:

Indulge in the harmonious beauty of Floral Symphony with Vdara10's exquisite 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder set. Crafted for both nail enthusiasts and professional technicians, this trio promises to elevate your nail designs with a delightful blend of floral elegance. Each kit contains:

  • 1x Gel (15ml): Achieve a graceful, high-gloss finish with our easy-to-apply gel, formulated for exceptional durability and resistance against chipping.
  • 1x Lacquer (15ml): Revel in the soft, harmonizing hues of our lacquer, perfect for quick touch-ups or standalone wear.
  • 1x Powder (2oz): Create captivating, professional-grade dip powder nails with our finely milled powder, ensuring flawless results every time.

Let your nails sing with the enchanting beauty of Floral Symphony, ensuring that your nail artistry captures the essence of a blooming garden.

Experience the exquisite harmony of gel, lacquer, and powder with Vdara10 3in1 in the enchanting shade of Floral Symphony. This versatile kit offers artisanal-quality nail enhancements for discerning beauty enthusiasts and skilled nail technicians. 


Infused with an enchanting array of colours inspired by the delicate petals of flowers, each application of this exquisite polish transforms your nails into a canvas of floral splendour. With a palette that harmonizes hues from soft pastels to bold blooms, V037 Floral Symphony promises to elevate your manicure to a symphony of botanical elegance.


Whether you're channelling the Vdara10 Floral Symphony freshness of spring or the vibrancy of summer, this nail polish ensures a salon-quality manicure with every use. Let your nails become a reflection of the picturesque beauty found in nature's floral arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Gel, lacquer, and powder for versatile nail designs.
  • Floral Symphony offers a harmonious and captivating colour palette.
  • Achieve salon-worthy results with the finesse of master craftsmanship.
  • Enjoy enduring and resilient nail enhancements that exude timeless elegance.
  • Intuitively designed products for flawless manicures every time.

Embrace the elegance of Floral Symphony with Vdara10's 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder set. Order now and let your nails bloom with sophistication!

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