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V035 Fiery Tempest

V035 Fiery Tempest

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Vdara10 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder - Fiery Tempest

Code: V035

Product Description:

Experience the intense heat of Fiery Tempest with Vdara10's dynamic 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder set. Crafted for both nail enthusiasts and professional technicians, this trio promises to ignite your nail designs with passionate intensity. Each kit contains:

  • 1x Gel (15ml): Achieve a fiery, high-gloss finish with our easy-to-apply gel, formulated for exceptional durability and resistance against chipping.
  • 1x Lacquer (15ml): Revel in the vibrant, scorching hues of our lacquer, perfect for quick touch-ups or standalone wear.
  • 1x Powder (2oz): Create captivating, professional-grade dip powder nails with our finely milled powder, ensuring flawless results every time.

Let your nails blaze with the intense energy of Fiery Tempest, ensuring that your nail artistry leaves a lasting impression.

Indulge in the fiery allure of V035 Fiery Tempest and let your manicure blaze with bold sophistication. With its chip-resistant formula and enduring brilliance, this nail polish ensures your nails remain flawlessly adorned, day after day. Elevate your nail care routine to new heights of intensity and embrace the fiery tempest that V035 brings to your fingertips.


This V035 Fiery Tempest is a nail polish that ignites the senses with its bold and dynamic hues. Inspired by the fierce energy of a raging storm, this collection boasts a palette of intense colours that captivate and command attention. From blazing reds to smouldering oranges and fiery yellows, each shade embodies the untamed power and passion of nature's most tempestuous phenomena.


Elevate your nail artistry with Vdara10 3in1 in the dynamic shade of Fiery Tempest. This comprehensive kit, designed for nail enhancement, offers unmatched durability, adhesion, versatility, and strength. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or a professional nail technician, this product is perfect for creating stunning nail art designs.

Key Features:

  • Durability: Ensures long-lasting nail enhancements.
  • Adhesion: Provides strong bonding for secure application.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various nail art techniques and designs.
  • Strength: Offers robust and resilient nail enhancements.
  • Benefit from a chip-resistant formula that maintains the vibrancy and brilliance of your manicure.
  • Ensuring your nails stay boldly adorned for an extended period.

Ignite your creativity with Vdara10's 3-in-1 Gel+Lacquer+Powder set in Fiery Tempest. Order now and let your nails spark a blaze of passion!

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